The truth about a giant tortoise that is 529 years old and weighs 363 kg

Appearing on the global social network recently, a photo of a giant turtle, larger than a long-distance truck driving on the road, has caused many surprises to those interested.
Giant tortoise weighing 363 kg was discovered in the Amazon River
It is known that the photo was originally posted on Facebook, then spread to other social sites. According to the description, this is the largest turtle in the world weighing up to 363 kg, 1.5 m high. This turtle is known to be 529 years old.
The photo of a giant tortoise more than 500 years old is controversial.
In the photo, a giant tortoise is lying on the back of a truck on the road, causing people to look at it. To ensure safety, the front and rear of the truck are accompanied by a team of police officers on duty.
The person who posted the photo also confirmed that this giant turtle was found in the Amazon River not long ago.
With the rapid spread of social media, the more than 500-year-old giant tortoise has become a topic of discussion everywhere. In addition to the surprising opinions, a number of opposing points of view were also impressed by sharp and scientific arguments and evidence.
What is the truth about the giant turtle that is more than 500 years old?
For those who are knowledgeable and often interested in turtles, they can easily realize that the turtle in the image is unlike any other recorded turtle species in the world.
In fact, the largest species of tortoise today is just the Galapalos giant tortoise, native to the Galapalos Islands, Ecuador. The Galapagos tortoise belongs to the tortoise family and is one of the 10 heaviest living reptiles in the world. They have an average weight of more than 400 kg with a length of 1.8 m. But the species only reaches a maximum lifespan of 170 years. So if you compare it with the giant turtle in the photo, the shape doesn’t match. The second conflicting factor is the age difference between the real Galapalos tortoise in the wild and the giant tortoise in the photo.
The Galapalos tortoise is the largest tortoise in the world today.
To give the most precise evidence, netizens searched everywhere for information about the background of the photo and discovered that it is just one of the scenes from the Japanese movie called “Gamera the Brave” (rough translation: Gamera – brave turtle). filmed in 2006. The film is known to be one of the series about giant turtles with special powers.

Poster for the movie “Gamera the Brave”.
And this photo is also the one that appeared in an article about the movie “Gamera the Brave.” It is true that the Japanese filmmakers were very ingenious in creating such a realistic and vivid scene.

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