The mixed-race baby drives the online community crazy with her beautiful doll-like eye

After a few photos her mother posted on social networks, the baby girl immediately attracted attention and made fans “crashed”, many even thought that this was the most beautiful baby ever.

The little girl who was famous all over social networks at that time was Dhuhaa Sophea, a mixed-race baby whose father is Swedish and mother is Malaysian.

It can be said that little Sophea is a perfect “creation” that fully combines the beauties of both her parents.

Looking at Sophea’s doll-like beauty, many people think that this is the most beautiful baby in Sweden or the most beautiful baby girl ever seen.

Sophea’s captivating eyes make everyone want to look at them forever.

After many years, many people are wondering what the current beauty of this angelic baby girl is, whether she can still maintain her peak beauty like when she was a child?

Since becoming famous, her mother has often posted pictures of her daughter and her family on social networks.

Sophea’s current beauty is commented on: No longer a “talking doll”.

Many people believe that the current Sophea is far different from her angelic appearance as a child.

However, after looking at photos of Sophea as an adult, most people think that she is no longer as outstanding as her beauty when she was little.

Although her beauty has changed somewhat, fans can still easily recognize the famous girl from that year thanks to her talking eyes.

The girl took a photo with her mother.

On the contrary, some opinions say that although she is no longer as cute as when she was a child, she certainly has the same beauty with big round eyes, a high and straight nose bridge, and a face with such symmetrical lines, when she grows up.

In addition to the change in beauty, fans can also easily recognize that over the years, Sophea has also become an older sister.

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