The Classic Beauty of the 1967 Plymouth Fury III: A Timeless American Icon


In the world of classic cars, few vehicles evoke the same sense of nostalgia and admiration as the 1967 Plymouth Fury III. With its bold design, powerful engine options, and a presence that demanded attention on the road, the Fury III remains an enduring symbol of American automotive excellence. In this article, we’ll delve deep into the history, design, performance, and legacy of this iconic automobile, exploring what made it a true legend of its time.


The Birth of the Plymouth Fury III


The Plymouth Fury line had been a staple of the American automotive industry since its inception in the mid-1950s. However, it was in the mid-1960s, during the height of the muscle car era, that the Fury III truly came into its own. The 1967 model year marked a significant turning point for the Fury III, as it received a complete redesign that elevated its status to that of a modern muscle car.

Design and Styling


Finished in a wonderfully deep, dark purple which looks almost black until the sunlight hits it, this Plymouth Fury III is in good overall condition aesthetically, but leaves some potential on the table for the next owner to ‘take it up a notch’ in terms of its appearance, whether that be a simple paint correction or a full-on lowrider-style paint job.

The paintwork itself presents well, but would benefit from a significant correction/machine polishing to remove a number of swirls and ‘ghost’ marks within the lacquer. Otherwise, it is largely free from any major blemishes or imperfections, other than those displayed in the gallery below.


At the rear, the tail lights appear to be missing some trims or require some attention, but they are perfectly functional as they are. Up front, the replaced headlights are in great condition, and the various chrome trims are present-and-correct, with a spare side strip in the boot.

Up above, the vinyl roof is in excellent condition with no rips, tears or damage that we could see. The rear window does, however, show some UV damage and creasing marks.

All four of the American Sprint wheels are in very good condition, but show some tarnishing in a few spots that a fastidious owner may wish to address.

Interior Comfort and Features


Moving inside, it’s clear to see that the re-trimmed seats and door cards have transformed the interior of this classic American icon, whilst the new carpets have also done wonders to lift the interior’s appearance.

Due to their recently-recovered nature, the door cards and seats are free from any damage, wear or blemishes, and present in excellent condition throughout, along with the carpets.


The dashboard is free from any cracks or damage, though the HVAC/Air-con controls are missing (included in the boot) whilst the gear selector indicator is inoperable, though all other instruments (fuel, temp, voltage, speed) work as they should.

In the rear, the capacious luggage compartment (or should that be ‘trunk’ in this instance) shows some signs of use over the years, and does not have any sort of carpet/liner.


The upgraded stereo system features two large speakers in the trunk, along with the additional leisure battery that powers the hydraulic suspension also being located in the boot.

Performance and Power

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