The 1931 Auburn 8-98A Boattail Speedster: A Symphony of Speed and Style


In the annals of automotive history, certain cars stand out not only for their technical prowess but also for their sheer beauty and timeless elegance. The 1931 Auburn 8-98A Boattail Speedster is undeniably one such masterpiece. With its sleek lines, powerful engine, and unmistakable boattail design, this classic automobile represents the zenith of American automotive luxury and craftsmanship. In this comprehensive article, we embark on a journey back in time to explore the remarkable history, design, and enduring legacy of the 1931 Auburn 8-98A Boattail Speedster.


A Glimpse into the Era


The early 1930s marked a transitional period in the American automotive landscape. The Roaring Twenties had given way to the Great Depression, leading to a shift in consumer preferences. While the economic downturn posed significant challenges for the automotive industry, it also spurred innovation and creativity among car manufacturers. The 1931 Auburn 8-98A Boattail Speedster emerged as a beacon of hope, showcasing the resilience and determination of the Auburn Automobile Company.

The Auburn Automobile Company


To understand the significance of the 1931 Auburn 8-98A Boattail Speedster, we must first delve into the history of the Auburn Automobile Company. Founded in 1900 in Auburn, Indiana, the company initially produced horse-drawn carriages. However, the rapid rise of the automobile industry prompted a shift in focus.

Under the visionary leadership of E.L. Cord, the Auburn Automobile Company experienced a renaissance in the late 1920s. Cord, a dynamic entrepreneur with an eye for innovation, transformed Auburn into a marque known for its luxurious and stylish automobiles. He also acquired other companies, including Duesenberg and Lycoming, to create a conglomerate that would set new standards in the automotive world.

The Birth of a Legend


The 1931 Auburn 8-98A Boattail Speedster was not just another car; it was the embodiment of Cord’s vision for the Auburn brand. This striking automobile was designed by the renowned stylist Gordon Buehrig, who would later become famous for his work on the iconic 1935 Auburn 851 Boattail Speedster.

The defining feature of the 1931 Auburn 8-98A was its boattail design-a style characterized by a tapered rear end that resembled the hull of a boat. This design, often associated with speed and aerodynamics, gave the car its distinctive and timeless appearance. The graceful curves of the boattail seamlessly merged with the rest of the body, creating a harmonious blend of form and function.

Technical Marvels

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