A former NASA engineer claims to have seen a 10-foot-tall alien while monitoring a space mission.


Clark McClelland would have been part of a team based at the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida, when he saw the humanoid alien.


""image"" The “entity,” he says, stood on two legs and approached the American astronauts, with whom he had a conversation that lasted one minute and several seconds. Clark McClelland was the “aerospace engineer and NASA worker” who claimed to have participated in more than 660 space missions between 1958 and 1992. In 2012 McClelland published a controversial video in which he claimed to have seen a three-meter humanoid entity on the shuttle. space. .


McClelland claimed to have observed (via his monitor) an entity giving orders to human astronauts using hand gestures. all this while McClelland was on duty at the Kennedy Space Launch Center.

“I could observe the movement of his arm moving to the right, giving instructions to the astronauts who were there.


I looked at it for one minute and six seconds and I also saw a large ship beyond the base,” McClelland explained.

""image"" He also assured that in other space missions there were more people who saw strange beings interacting with humans. He said:

“I am an expert at visually recognizing any ship created and piloted by the human race, secret or not! And I can also tell an Earth ship from a non-Earth ship!


In one of his videos, McClelland said that he was fired from NASA after discussing the interaction between the humanoid and NASA astronauts.


“I love my planet, I love our human race. “I’m trying to serve all of you, if you let me,” he tells viewers.

In addition, he noted that the United States government took away his pension, leaving him only with social security.

Additionally, skeptics questioned McClelland why he doesn’t have any records on NASA’s official website.


""image"" However, ufologists have taken his statement as one of the “most conclusive” evidence about the cover-up of the “contact” that the US maintains with extraterrestrial life forms, contact that according to UFO specialists they have decided to keep secret. secret only to a particular audience. ""image"" Finally, McClelland stated that these beings have a spaceship parked in space, closely monitoring human affairs, with the intention of intervening at any time.