9-Month-Old Baby Girl with a Physique Resembling a Bodybuilder

A rare congenital disease causes baby Armani Milby (9 months old, living in Kentucky, USA) to have a body like a bodybuilder with large bulging arms and chest.

Armani has lymphoma.

Armani looks like a bodybuilder.
The baby has lymphoma.

The baby’s mother, Chelsey Milby (33 years old), went through a difficult pregnancy and childbirth journey.

Chelsey did not think about abortion even though doctors mentioned this.NhuY

The mother shared with the media: “When I learned about my child’s condition, I was very devastated and heartbroken, not understanding what was happening because I had previously given birth to two healthy babies.

When Chelsey was pregnant, people often asked if she was having triplets because her belly was so big.

When Chelsey entered the operating room, the whole family was outside, waiting for a miracle to happen.

During the cesarean section, Chesley was very scared, but also very happy when she saw her baby’s face.

Baby Armani was born weighing 5.5kg.

Armani Milby was born with big breasts and arms.
Doctors once told Chelsey that her baby had no chance of survival.

After giving birth, Chelsey suffered from depression.

Baby Armani with his parents.
The young mother is happy to take care of her daughter every day.

Armani will have surgery to remove excess lymph vessels later this year so he can become a normal baby.

“We are trying to do everything to give Armani the best life possible, he will say ‘mommy’ soon. Armani is my miracle baby and we love him very much,” the mother confided.

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